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Physics is the study of matter, motion and energy.

Lower Secondary (Junior Level)

View your Forms 1, 2 and 3 Syllabus

Physics Notes for Form 1 (pdf)

Physics Notes for Form 2 (pdf)

Form 3 Physics booklet for National Assessment (pdf)

Physics Summary for the Form 3 National Assessment (mp3)

School Certificate (O-Level)

Visit the Cambridge O-Level Page

Students who are preparing for a 'distinction' or A* in School Certificate Physics can request study notes and resources here

Physics Formulae for School Certificate pdf mp3

Physics Definitions and Terms for School Certificate pdf mp3

Physics Experiments for School Certificate

Physics Labelled Diagrams for School Certificate



Physics homework for first term

Physics homework for second term

Physics homework for third term

Did you know?

Conducting Plastics

Who told you that plastics do not conduct electricity? Plastics are polymers, that is, large molecules built up from many smaller molecules joined together. Polyethyne is one such polymer which, by a process called doping, can be made to conduct electricity almost as well as a copper wire does! Learn more...