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About Us & Training Schedule

Our Mission
Show people the benefits of  Muay Thai and Combat de Rue.  Motivate you to train hard to be a Champion.

About Us
Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club - BMA - a Non-Government and non-profit organization, Located in Bambous, Mauritius Island.  We offer free Martial Arts Courses: Muay Thai and Combat de rue.

Our Training Schedule
Monday – 19hr00 to 21hr00
General Training (at social welfare centre Bambous)

Tuesday - 17hr00 to 19hr00
Training for competitors only (Ave Mon Repos Bambous)

Thursday – 16hr45 to 18hr05
For kids and woman (at social welfare centre Bambous)

Friday - 17hr00 to 19hr00
Physical conditioning (germain comarmon stadium Bambous)

Saturday - 9am to 11am
General Training: (germain comarmon stadium Bambous)
                          In wakjishi Dojo

Club History
We took over the club in 2002 and at that time it was known as EX Boxe française Savate de Bambous. In 2010, The Social Welfare Centre of Bambous allowed us to use their hall to hold our training sessions for free. We thank them enormously for their generosity.

We changed the name of the club to Bambous Martial Arts Sports Club (BMA) and obtained our registration certificate from the Registrar of Association on the 11th of April 2011. As the years went by, we affiliated ourselves with different Martial Arts Federations and organisations worldwide so that our kids can discover different styles of combat and competitions.

We are a Non-Government and nonprofit organization, Located in Bambous, Mauritius Island

Training at our training center is versatile, offering Muay Thai and Combat de rue.  We do our best so that our training programs can suit everyone. Everyone will find his/her place here, whether it is for fun, fitness, competition, self-defence or honing your fighting skills. Everyone is welcome.

Our training focuses on improving cardio, endurance, strength, speed and overall ability to execute proper strikes and blocks in both offensive and defensive forms