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Descriptive statistics

Measures of location, dispersion and skewness
Coefficient of variation
Index numbers

Sampling theory

Sampling methods (simple random, stratified random, systematic, cluster and quota sampling)

Relationships and forecasting

Regression analysis
Pearson's correlation
Spearman's rank correlation
Time series analysis

Probability & probability distributions

Probability theory and conditional probability
The Normal distribution

Financial Mathematics

Time value of money (Power Point slides)
Exercises 1
Exercises 2


Tables and formulae for the exams


Tutorial 1 (Descriptive statistics, correlation and regression)
Tutorial 2 (Time-series analysis) and solutions (Excel interactive file)
Tutorial 3 (Descriptive statistics)
Tutorial 4 (Descriptive statistics)

  Exam papers

Old format

May 2001              Solutions
November 2001     Solutions

New format

Specimen paper (prior to May 2002 exams)
May 2002
November 2002
May 2003
November 2003 (zipped)