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New!!! Added on June 6th

Reflection - Christina Aguilera
I turn to you - Christina Aguilera
Genie in a bottle - Christina Aguilera
What a girl wants - Christina Aguilera
Breathe - Faith Hill
Flying without wings - west life
If only - Hanson
More than that - BSB
Thank you for the music - ABBA
You are my inspiration
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Don't tell me - Madonna
It matters to me - Faith Hill
Music - Madonna
Don't say - M2M
Mirror Mo\irror - M2M
I will remember you - Amy Grant
King of Wishful thinking - Go West
We close our eyes - Go West
Spanish Guitar - Toni Braxton
Against all odds - Phil Collins
The way it is - Phil Collins
True Colors - Phil Collins
All out of love - Air Supply
Making love out of nothing at all - Air Supply
Don't say you love me - The Corrs
So young - The corrs
How deep is your love - Beegees
Without you
What makes a man - West Life
When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating

Previously added

All I have to give
Shape of my heart - BSB
Life is like a roller coster - Ronan Keating
Never had a dream come true - S Club 7
Nobody wants to be lonely
Kiss me
My Love - West life <-- My fav song at this time


2 become 1 - Spice Girls
Adams family
Anywhere for you - BSB
As long as you love me - BSB
I need you tonight - BSB
Larger than life - BSB
I want it that way - BSB
Baby one more time (1) - Britney Spears
Baby one more time (2) - Britney Spears
Email my heart
- Britney Spears
broken heart - Britney Spears
Soda pop - Britney Spears
All for love - Brian Adams
Sometimes - Britney spears
Crive me crazy - Britney Spears
Babylone 5
Barbie Girl - Aqua
Being lonely
When you believe
Because we want to - Billie piper
Blade runner
Enya - Blue
Boom Boom
Baby can I hold you tonight - Boysone
Father and son - Boyzone
I love the way you love me - Boyzone
Love me for a reason - Boyzone
So good - Boyzone
When the going gets tough - Boyzone
You needed me - Boyzone
A different beat - Boyzone
No matter what - Boyzone
Anytime - Brian Mcnight
On the down low - Brian Mcnight

If you had my love - Jenifer Lopez
Hero - Mariah Carey
Butterfly - Mariah Carey
Without you - M. Carey
Heart breaker - M. CArey
One sweet day - M.Carey
can't let go - M. Carey
I am free - M. Carey
I still believe - M. Carey
I'll be there M. Carey
My all - M. Carey
someday - M. Carey
when I saw you - M. Carey
Whenever you call - M. Carey
C'est la vie

I know where it sat
I'm your angel
I'll be there for you - The Moffats
Miss you like crazy - The moffatts
Pretty woman
Sha la la
Take me there
Tearing up my heart
To go beyond
Heart will go on
My heart will go on
every morning
can't let go