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Weather Station Info

     My weather station is an Oregon Scientific WM-918 . It was setup on March 17, 2000.I also have a Davis Weather Wizard II S as Backup.I am in Mauritius in the South West Indian Ocean situated at Longitude 20:15 S and Latitude57:28 E.I am in an area where Cyclones with winds of up to260km/hr are Frequent in the summer months between December and April.We are Lucky that we are well prepared to face these situations.

Anemometer & Wind Vane


       The Davis anemometer does not have wind vanes where as the WM-918 has got them.The anemometers are mounted on top of each other about 60 feet from the ground.



    On the left is the Davis Rain Gauge and on the right is the one from WM-918.As I get better in web authoring, I will be comparing results.

Temperature/Humidity/Dewpoint Sensor


     These are pictures of the Temperature/Humidity sensor. The picture on the right is the temp/humidity sensor with foil on it. The foil is wrapped around the sensor with the bottom of the foil flared out. The foil helps to deflect radiated heat, which gives more accurate readings. I have had very good results with the foil on the temp/humidity sensor.

Display Units

     The display units are mounted on the wall next to all my computers.I also do Live capture of Polar Orbiting Satellites.

    I hope you enjoy this page.Please mail me any comments.


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